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Do You Need a Lawyer to Notarize a Document?

Our lawyers can commission oaths and certify documents.


You will need a “Commissioner of Oaths” to sign a sworn declaration, which is a document whereby you declare and affirm to be true a set of statements.  At Sharma Law, all of our lawyers are authorized commissioners by the Province of Ontario and are here to witness certain kinds of sworn declarations.  You could be asked to affirm a declaration when you apply to the government for something or by a company when they need information from you.  Sometimes these forms are given to you or you may be required to write it yourself.


A notary public is a someone who is also authorized by the Province of Ontario to witness the swearing of oaths and to certify documents and signatures. Declarations that will be sent outside of Ontario need to be “notarized”. You may also need the services of a notary if you require certified copies of documents.  This involves making photocopies of the document and then “certifying” them as true copies of the original document, whereby a notary public signs the copies and makes the certifying statements. All lawyers at Sharma Law are Notaries Public.


Sharma Law can help you if you need to have a document commissioned or if you need a notary to witness a document or make certified true copies of documents.  Most of the time we can notarize and commission your documents on a walk-in basis. Sharma Law can also assist you to write your declaration; and once you confirm the information you will sign the declaration and one of our lawyers or law clerks will commission or notarize the document with their signature and stamp or seal.




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Do You Need a Lawyer to Notarize a Document?